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HomeNews HeadlinesQuestion Time: SACP, ANC tensions, 18 April 2017

Last week‘s commemoration of the about late here”>late SACP General Secretary Chris Hani laid bare apparent tensions between the Communist Party and the African National Congress. This after SACP‘s Second Deputy General Secretary Solly Mapaila was heckled during the wreath laying ceremony. A about video here”>video of an alleged assassination attempt on Mapaila at the event has aggravated matters. The SACP leadership says it has discussed the issue with the ruling party. Mapaila and some within COSATU have been calling on presidentzuma/” title=”View all articles about President Zuma here”>President Zuma to step down, following his recent cabinet reshuffle. Meanwhile, the Young Communist League says it is undertaking a frank assessment of the most pressing issues Chris Hani fought for. As part of commemorating Chris Hani Month, the Young Communists will use what they call Bua Thursdays, to educate people about the fallen struggle heroes. But, is the SACP the best Party to lead radical economic transformation?

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