Nigerian pastor remains behind bars for now

A Nigerian pastor charged with human trafficking and sexual assault in Port Elizabeth will remain behind bars until his bail application resumes in early June.

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Len McCluskey: I’m now full of optimism for Labour – BBC News

One of Jeremy Corbyn‘s key allies, Unite boss Len McCluskey, says he now believes Labour is in with “a real chance” of winning the general election and is “full of optimism”. He said the “incredible response” to the publication of … Continue reading →

Germany vote tests public opinion before election

Germany vote tests public opinion before election About 13 million what is seen as the last big test of public opinion before September’s national elections. Voters in the country‘s most populous state of Northrhine Westphalia are casting their ballot in … Continue reading →

Voters in South Korea head to the polls to choose new president

People in South Korea are flooding to voting stations to choose a new will close at 8 PM local time, and the winner is set to be announced before midnight on Tuesday. There are 13 candidates to pick from. Moon … Continue reading →

The Dark Side of France – People & Power

The Dark Side of France – People and Power Last against her getting past the centrist Emmanuel Macron to the Elysee Palace, the very fact that an openly xenophobic, anti-immigrant and anti-European Union politician is on the final ballot speaks … Continue reading →

20 years after Blair landslide, whither UK’s Labour Party?

Twenty years after Tony Blair’s historic landslide victory, the Labour Party may face its biggest defeat since World War II in the upcoming election.

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Gold prices slip on France polls

Gold prices have sunk to their lowest in more than seven weeks — as investors return to riskier assets over speculation that France‘s pro-growth centrist, Emmanuel Macron, country‘s next president. Gold has pared this year‘s gain to 11% after Macron … Continue reading →