Dozens of businessmen arrested in Tunisia for alleged corruption

In just four days, dozens of businessmen have been arrested on charges of corruption and alleged threats to state security. The crackdown is led by Prime Minister Youssef Chahed — much to the delight of the Tunisian public. Adnen Chaouachi … Continue reading →

Laos: On the Borders of the Empire – People and Power

Mandarin is the language of choice among its residents and on its street signs and advertising hoardings; clocks are set to Beijing time in homes, stores and even municipal buildings; and the Yuan is by far and away the most … Continue reading →

At 93 years old, Zimbabwe’s Mugabe still travels around the world

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe‘s rigorous international schedule has probably taken him to the country‘s seat for the first time in the General Assembly as the 153rd member state to be admitted to the organisation. If the 93-year old head of … Continue reading →

Egypt President says electricity subsidy cuts will not be delayed

Egyptians should brace themselves for higher electricity prices after will not be delayed. The president says the country‘s economy is in such a bad state, it cannot withstand any delays. He was responding to a member of parliament who wanted … Continue reading →

U.S. president in Bethlehem to meet Palestinian leader

U.S. President, president made a symbolic trip to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. He also met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump has met with both leaders earlier this year, backing away from the U.S. commitment to a two-state … Continue reading →