A ray of hope shines for this Kwa-Zulu Natal babies transition home

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The doors were close to being shut for Ray of Hope, the babies transition home in Glen Hills, Durban.

Funds were thinning and resources were scarce but their sheer will to being there for the babies and toddlers in crisis outweighed the odds.

Immanuel Christian Church manages the Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), which is registered under Imisebe Yelanga (Rays of Sun). Their efforts are a response to the crisis that many babies and toddlers face in the world.


Ray of Hope saves the forgotten babies and toddlers of KZN

Wars, famine, disasters and diseases are increasingly contributing towards the rise of orphanism. In South Africa, the situation is dire. Nowhere is it worse than in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

It is the mission of Ray of Hope to ensure that babies and toddlers are provided with

“a loving and nurturing environment for our babies while taking care of the day-to-day running of our home, wonderfully assisted by our competent team of day and night caregivers.”

An opportunity to save the babies home from closure has presented itself in the form of a fundraising event.

When is the Ray of Hope fundraising event?

Sibaya Casino has collaborated with Immanuel Christian Church to sponsor and host the fundraiser on Wednesday, 29 August 2018.

The event will be held at the Rockwood Theatre, in Durban and doors open from 19:00. Presold tickets are R200 per person and they are available for purchase at Quicket. All proceeds will go into keeping Ray of Hope from closing down.

The right thing to do is support an organisation that does nothing but

“offer love, care, protection and hope to babies and toddlers in crisis.”

For those who would like to take action before the event, there are more ways you can help. You can either donate anything you are able to contribute or volunteer your time and help take care of the wonderful babies and toddlers.

There is also a wishlist of items that would mean the world to the people at Ray of Hope.

For more detailed information on the upcoming fundraiser or if you would like to see the amazing work they do, then follow them on social media. Otherwise, you can contact them here.

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