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The City of Cape Town caused quite a stir when they revealed council approved the release of vacant land in Atlantis for medical cannabis production. Picture: Matilde Campodonico/AP

Cape Town – The City of Cape Town (CoCT) caused quite a stir on Thursday when they revealed that council approved the release of vacant land in Atlantis for the production of medical cannabis.

The council’s decision to release this erven in Atlantis is testament of the city’s commitment to partner with the private sector to explore new opportunities to grow the economy, CoCT said. 

The report approved by council was to seek approval for the transfer of a portion of vacant land within the Atlantis Special Economic Zone for the establishment of the first medical cannabis plant in the metro and the Western Cape.

The news quickly spread across social media, and many had varying responses, from the humorous to the serious:  

Ian Robinson – “They gonna plant dagga WHERE!? Do they even know Atlantis!?”

Ryan Clayton – “I am already in there.”

Liz Weber – “Yeah…I’m moving to Cape Town for sure.”

Stephen Aggett – “Love it! I’m sure plants will be stolen and smoked before product reaches the market!”

Sechaba Ndlovu – “Lol, but they still arrest those found with dagga, I knew business was coming.”

Diana Du Plessis – “To grow weed? Why not to grow food or build houses?”

John James Ferreira – “So will they be releasing people that was feeding their families with the illegal sales? Or will big business be the only one making money again.”

Logan Mkaya Aaag – “[email protected]! What next?? A plant for cocaine?”

Marylou Botha – “It seems strange that people from other socio-economic groups are being victimised for growing cannabis. Will this cannabis be sold in SA? – until new laws are passed, apparently that is still illegal. Is it being exported to the first world? Oh – so who is actually benefiting here? Please don’t let anyone capture the industry while our police are still criminalizing poor South African people.”

Mburu Clement Muchiri – “No wonder the blacks in the Western Provence voted for the DA.”

Thamsanqa Tsawe – “It will be deemed medical weed only if it will be planted by the land thieves colonial evil motherf**kers.”

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