France 24’s The 51% wins Ricardo Ortega Prize

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December 6, 2018 7:56 am

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France 24 programme The 51% won the United Nation Correspondents’ Association’s Ricardo Ortega Prize on Thursday for a special edition on female peacekeepers.

France 24 journalists Annette Young and Virginie Herz were awarded the prize at the UN headquarters in New York for their programme, “Parity on the frontline: UN seeks to boost number of female peacekeepers” broadcast on July 13 in both English and French.

Nearly 8000 women are involved in UN peacekeeping missions around the world, working in countries such as Cyprus, the DR Congo and Sudan. But they still only make up 10 percent of staff on UN missions.

>> Watch: Parity on the frontline: UN seeks to boost number of female peacekeepers

In this award-winning special edition, Annette Young heads to Cyprus, an island still divided between its Greek and Turkish communities, where UN troops are helping to keep the peace in this long-forgotten conflict. In the Cypriot capital Nicosia, she met Elizabeth Spehar, one of the few women currently leading a peacekeeping mission, who talked about how to get contributing nations to play their own part in sending more women.


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