Jason Rohde’s psychiatrist testifies in mitigation of sentence

December 6, 2018 2:59 pm

CAPE TOWN – Wife killer Jason Rohde‘s psychiatrist is the first witness to testify in mitigation of sentence, but proceedings came to a halt following an argument between the defence and the bench.

The property mogul was last month convicted of murdering Susan Rohde while at a work function at Spier Hotel in Stellenbosch in 2016.

The court found he staged the crime scene to make it look as if she committed suicide.

On Thursday, Advocate Graham van der Spuy called his first witness psychiatrist Kevin Stolof who has been treating Rohde over the past two years.

This included treatment for a depressive episode earlier this year, during which Rohde was admitted to the crescent clinic.

Judge Gayaat Salie-Hlophe interjected when Stolof was asked to comment about the day investigating officers went to the clinic to collect Rohde on the court’s orders.

She argued this aspect was pursued sufficiently during the trial stage and asked van der Spuy to move on with his questioning.

The advocate, however, argued it was important as it shows his client’s willingness to cooperate at the time, even though he was ill.

An argument developed when van der Spuy insisted his examination of Stollof had been interrupted.

The judge took exception with the advocate waving his finger at her and adjourned the matter for a few hours.

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