Lebron James Tv Shows: A Look At The Nba Superstar's Career Beyond Basketball

Lebron James Tv Shows: A Look At The Nba Superstar's Career Beyond Basketball
Fresh Off Bringing NBA Title to Cleveland, LeBron James Launches TV from

LeBron James, the legendary NBA superstar, is not only known for his incredible basketball skills but also for his foray into the world of television. Over the years, James has been involved in various TV shows that have showcased his talent and versatility. From producing documentaries to starring in his own sitcom, LeBron James has proven that he is more than just an athlete. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the notable TV shows that LeBron James has been a part of in recent years.

The Shop: Uninterrupted

One of the most popular TV shows featuring LeBron James is “The Shop: Uninterrupted.” This talk show format series, which premiered in 2018, provides an unfiltered platform for athletes, entertainers, and influential figures to have open and honest conversations. LeBron James serves as the executive producer of the show and often appears as a guest alongside other notable personalities. The show has gained critical acclaim for its unique format and thought-provoking discussions.

Survivor’s Remorse

“Survivor’s Remorse” is a comedy-drama series that aired from 2014 to 2017. LeBron James served as an executive producer for the show, which follows the life of a young basketball player who becomes successful and has to navigate the challenges that come with fame and fortune. The series received positive reviews for its sharp writing and engaging storyline, and LeBron’s involvement as a producer further added to its appeal.


“Becoming” is a documentary series produced by LeBron James and Maverick Carter. The show, which premiered on Disney+, focuses on the journeys of various athletes and celebrities, highlighting the moments that shaped them into who they are today. Each episode offers an intimate look into the lives of these individuals, providing audiences with inspiration and motivation. LeBron’s passion for storytelling is evident in this series, as he showcases the power of resilience and determination.


1. Is LeBron James actively involved in the production of these TV shows?

Yes, LeBron James plays an active role in the production of many of the TV shows he is associated with. He serves as an executive producer for shows like “The Shop: Uninterrupted” and “Survivor’s Remorse,” allowing him to have creative input and influence over the content.

2. How has LeBron James’s involvement in TV shows impacted his brand?

LeBron James’s involvement in TV shows has further solidified his brand as a multi-talented individual. It has allowed him to showcase his skills as a producer and actor, expanding his reach beyond the basketball court. His involvement in these shows has also helped him connect with a wider audience and establish himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

3. Are there any upcoming TV shows or projects that LeBron James is involved in?

As of 2023, there have been rumors of LeBron James being involved in various upcoming TV projects. However, no official announcements have been made regarding specific shows or projects. Fans can expect LeBron James to continue exploring opportunities in the television industry in the future.

4. What makes “The Shop: Uninterrupted” stand out from other talk shows?

“The Shop: Uninterrupted” stands out from other talk shows due to its raw and unfiltered nature. The show provides a platform for authentic and honest conversations, allowing guests to discuss a wide range of topics without any interruptions or censorship. This unique format has resonated with audiences and has made the show a popular choice among viewers.

5. How can I watch these TV shows?

These TV shows can be watched through various streaming platforms and networks. “The Shop: Uninterrupted” is available on HBO, while “Survivor’s Remorse” can be streamed on Starz. “Becoming” is exclusively available on Disney+. Check your local listings or preferred streaming service to access these shows.

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