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Nedbank has released their annual report for 2018 which revealed how much their executives earned including Nedbank Chief Executive Mike Brown. Photo: Simphiwe Mbokazi African News Agency (ANA)
DURBAN – Nedbank has released their annual report for 2018 which revealed how much their executives earned including Nedbank Chief Executive Mike Brown according to BusinessTech. 
The annual report showed that Nedbank paid its top six executives a total R210.2 million in 2018, an average R35 million per executive. Nedbank Chief Executive received the best pay taking home a total package of R53 million for 2018. 
The R53 million package includes a guaranteed of R8.5 million, a cash bonus of the same amount, a short term incentive payout of R16 million and a long-term incentive (LTI) of R16.5 million at ‘face value’. 
Taking into consideration share performance and dividend, the LTI value upturn giving a single figure remuneration of R53 million. 

Brian Kennedy, a managing executive, took home R43.5 million while chief operating officer Mfundo Mkhulu had a total package of R32.9 million and Raisible Morathi took home R30 million. 
Per day comparison 

The executive pay of Nedbank’s Chief Executive works out to R145200 a day (over 365 days). 

Based on Nedbank’s staff costs (R13.4 billion) nad employee figures (31277), the average employee at Nedbank earns R428400 annually which translates to R1170 per day.
According to a Stats SA Quarterly Employment Survey, the average employee in South Africa earned R20190 a month or R242280 a year. 

The table below shows how much each Nedbank executive earns and how that translates to per day:

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EmployeeTotal remunerationAverage per day
Mike BrownR53 millionR145230
Brian KennedyR43.5 millionR119150
Mfundo NkhuluR32.9 millionR90030
Raisible MorathiR30 millionR82140
Ciko ThomasR28.7 millionR78690
Iolanda RuggieroR22.1 millionR60630
Nedbank averageR428430R1170
South African averageR242280R650
Nedbank banking app

Recently Nedbank announced that it added two new features to their Nedbank MoneyApp. 

The new features include a digital virtual personal assistant called HeyNed to the app and a new Home-Buying Toolkit that allows users to buy or sell their homes on the app. 
According to Nedbank, the Home-Buying Toolkit will make it easier and convenient for prospective home buyers with a comprehensive range of tools and guidelines aimed at equipping them with everything they need to find, finance and purchase their ideal home.


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