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Image caption Many of the front pages focus on the meeting between Theresa May and Tory MPs over her future as party leader. The Daily Telegraph features a picture of Mrs May climbing into her car after the meeting, and says she was “tearful” as “men in grey suits” told her to quit.
Image caption “May ends in June,” says the Daily Mirror’s headline, with the paper reporting that the prime minister was forced by MPs to promise to stand down next month.
Image caption The Financial Times also features Mrs May’s timetable for her Downing Street exit in its main story. The paper says she “bowed to the inevitable”.
Image caption But the Times portrays the outcome of the “tense and emotionally charged” meeting as a “delay” to the Tory leadership election. By only agreeing to set a timetable for her departure after the Brexit vote in June, the paper says she could “dent” Boris Johnson’s chances of becoming leader.
Image caption “Boris shows his hand,” says the Daily Mail headline next to a picture of Mr Johnson raising a clenched fist. The paper says the former foreign secretary has made a “dramatic pitch” for the Tory leadership.
Image caption The i newspaper also focuses on Mr Johnson’s leadership hopes, but reports that other Tory MPs are mounting a “Stop Boris” campaign.
Image caption An image of Natasha Abrahart, a Bristol University student who took her life partly as a result of neglect by mental health services, features on the Guardian front page. The main story says Iran has told militias in Iraq to “prepare for proxy war” amid heightened tensions in the region.
Image caption The Metro focuses on the story of a “hero nurse who stood up to evil”, which emerged from the London Bridge attack inquests. Helen Kennett told the inquest how she confronted one of the terrorists before being stabbed in the neck, the paper reports.
Image caption “Now axe Love Island,” says the Daily Star’s headline, as the paper continues to report on the controversies over reality TV. Former participant Malin Andersson has called for the show to be scrapped next, after the suicides of two contestants.
Image caption The front page of the Daily Express focuses on the campaign by a mother whose child has cystic fibrosis and who is seeking a potentially life-saving drug. The paper says the US manufacturer is still “locked” in a fight with the NHS over the price of the drug.
Image caption And the Sun says the “hero” captain of HMS Queen Elizabeth was sacked for using an official car – a Ford Galaxy – for personal trips. The paper calls him “the best seagoing commander of his generation” and says Royal Navy officials were “slammed” for the decision.

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