VW: Audi drops 11% while VW brand slides 8%

December 3, 2018 11:03 pm

Photo credit: DAVID PHILLIPS

Volkswagen sales slid 8.3 percent in November to 26,789, despite record Tiguan sales. Audi sales fell 11%, their second consecutive month of decline.

Brands: Volkswagen down 8.3%, Audi down 11%

Notable nameplates: Volkswagen Jetta up 10%; Volkswagen Atlas up 1.5%; Volkswagen Tiguan up 1.7%; Volkswagen Golf family down 42%; Audi A4 down 45%; Audi A6 up 26%; Audi Q5 up 7.7%; Audi Q7 down 9.80%

Incentives (including Porsche): $3,800 per vehicle, down 0.2% from a year earlier, ALG says

Average transaction price (including Porsche): $36,629, flat from a year earlier, according to ALG

Did you know? There are five Volkswagen Golf-based vehicles in the brand’s lineup, but just two of those models, the Golf SportWagen and the GTI, sold more than 300 units nationwide in November.

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