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The Disco Bunny made headlines over the weekend after a video of him involved in a heated confrontation with a man went viral online.

The self-proclaimed “nomad” had been performing in the street in Nottingham when he says a man approached him aggressively, questioning his sexuality. Passers-by jumped to his defence and others filmed the encounter.

But who is the Disco Bunny and why was he dancing in the street?

The Disco Bunny’s real name is Pablo Woodward. In 2016 the 32-year-old decided to “take control” of his life, by creating his “own job” – dancing in the street, purely to “unite all people” and put a smile on their faces.

Pablo, who is father to two teenage children, is famous for his signature dance moves – among them the “gender-free shaky shaky” and says he hopes people can be “free” by living “vicariously” through him.

He lives in a “Disco Bunny Bus”, rides a “Disco Bunny Bike” and performs across the UK.

However, Pablo objects to being described as called a busker, pointing out “usually buskers make money” and says he often ends up spending more than he makes to perform.

Nevertheless, the dancer says although he isn’t “financially successful”, he is the happiest he has ever been.

“Mentally, I have worked so hard on myself, on my learning. I have no financial success but you can see that I am successful, emotionally successful.”

Pablo is referring to the fact he remains calm throughout the contentious video – even when other people become visibly upset.

He admits that at the time he was both rattled and furious, saying: “I was distraught and panicking but on the video I am smiling. Because I have been punched before, I have had abuse.”

Once an orphan

Pablo hasn’t always been this care-free and whimsical.

He was once an orphan in Brazil and recalls a time he slept on the streets with little to his name.

“I don’t know where I came from, I don’t know any of my family.”

Pablo was later adopted and at aged 10, he moved to England with his new family.

Over the years he has travelled the world and eventually settled in Australia, with his former partner and two children.

He’s worked in various jobs in his time, from injuries claims consultant to quiz master.

But one day The Street Bunny realised he was living a lie.

“I’ve lived in countries I didn’t want to, in a relationship I didn’t want to be in and a job I didn’t want to do.

“I did that for one or two years too many – some people do it for a life-time, many people feel tied.

“I love my children. But I left about six years ago because I realised I was living a life that brought me no joy at all.”

Pablo now hopes to raise the money required so he can re-unite with his children, who still live in Australia, to share the new life he has created with them.

He lives his life with one mission: To unite all people, irrespective of race, religion, gender, orientation, mental or physical ability.

Which is why he was “really sad”, though not surprised, to see he had gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

“I am used to it to be honest. When I was growing up I suffered from a lot of racism, I was once asleep at a bus stop and was punched in the face.”

“All over the world there are still people being vilified for their sexuality and for effectively listening to their heart and identifying who they are and who they love.”

Pablo says: “As the Disco Bunny, I see it as my job to be true to my identify, be myself and let others do the judging.”

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